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    What is Legend of Mir?
    Mir2 The Legend of Mir 2 (Korean: 미르의 전설2 Chinese: 热血传奇) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Korean-based WeMade Entertainment. There are currently two versions available: Korean Mir and Chinese Mir. The European version (published by Game Network) came to a close on 31 March 2009, after running for 8 years, and the North American version (published by Gamepot) came to a close on 14 May 2012.

    Mir3The sequel, The Legend of Mir 3 (Korean: 미르의전설3 Chinese: 传奇3), has a very similar gameplay but has updated graphics, as well as providing larger maps. It has so far been released in the same countries as Mir 2, as well as in North America.

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  1. Zuse

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  2. Zuse

    C# Csharp Tutorial for Beginners

    C# is easy to learn and there are many tutorials online for learning, you will be a pro in no time!
  3. Zuse

    C# Csharp Tutorial for Beginners

  4. Zuse

    Legend of Mir 3 Murder

    Well this one was a Dragon Sabre so could be this one.
  5. Zuse

    Legend of Mir 3 Murder

    In 2005, a dispute between two Chinese players of the Legend of Mir 3 game erupted into murder. Qiu Chengwei, who had won an in-game virtual sword, had lent the sword to his friend, Zhu Caoyuan, who then sold the sword on eBay for 7200 yuan ($870). This enraged Qiu who then stabbed Zhu to death...
  6. Zuse

    World of Legend Microsoft (CN)

    Download the World of Legend "传奇世界" Microsoft version on windows. Official website: click here.
  7. Zuse

    World of Legend mobile (CN)

    World of Legend "传奇世界" mobile version is now available for iOS and Android platforms. Game info: click here. iOS download: click here. Android download: click here. Windows download: click here.
  8. Zuse

    Legend of Mir 2 Web Game (CN)

    There is a Legend of Mir 2 "传奇盛世" web based game found here. Enjoy.
  9. Zuse

    World of Legend Web Game (CN)

    There is a web based World of Legend "传奇世界" game also known as WoOOL found here. Enjoy.
  10. Zuse

    Legend of Mir mobile (CN)

    First post updated. There are many Mir versions for the mobile platforms, there is the Blood Legend one which I believe is an MMORPG and another one called Extreme Warfare which I believe is an RPG game. I have also found called Blood God of War for the iOS which I have also added to first post.
  11. Zuse

    Hi all.

  12. Zuse

    Mir 2.3 Server Files

    Hi Kazuya and welcome to the forums. The forums is fairly new but I will do a tutorial for you at some point tomorrow as I am currently in bed and on my phone. Feel free to download them and have a play about if you wish, they are set for offline use anyway. I will need to also upload the 2.3...
  13. Zuse

    Legend of Mir mobile (CN)

    Blood Legend "热血传奇": You can now play Legend of Mir on your mobile however it is in Chinese. You can download on iOS platforms and Android platforms only. Website: click here. iOS download: click here. Android download: click here. PC Version download: click here. MMO Culture article: click...
  14. Zuse

    Legend of Mir mobile trailer

  15. Zuse

    Chinese translation

    Chinese translation added to the language selector at the bottom left. If anyone wants any other translations added let me know and id be happy to add them.
  16. Zuse


    Photoshop added to navigation bar for members only. Have fun! Zuse
  17. Zuse

    [Release] Mir 2.3 Server Files 2.3

    Download files and extract onto C:/ Drive.
  18. Zuse

    Mir 2.3 Server Files

    Zuse submitted a new resource: Mir 2.3 Server Files - Download Mir 2.3 Server Files Read more about this resource...
  19. Zuse

    You can find us

    You can find us at the following links: http://legendofmir.org http://wemade.org http://animenetwork.org http://game-network.org http://digitalbros.net
  20. Zuse

    Looking for staff

    Applications are open again.